Airset for iPhone!

I’m so excited! We (our family) have been using Airset as our “groupware” for the past few years – a way to coordinate our calendar and contacts easily. Our criteria included something that would be available wherever we happened to be that would sync with Palm PDAs.

Well, Palm hasn’t really been burning up the world in terms of innovation. In fact, they moved away from PalmOS in their own most recent smartphone! Last year Sam got an iTouch, and while I resisted, he finally converted me to the dark side last fall.

The process of getting the current Airset data into the iTouch, though, has been a little annoying. I used Airset’s Desktop Sync utility to synchronize between Airset and Outlook (even though I don’t use Outlook for anything anymore), then iTunes synchronized contacts and calendar to the iTouch. The only real advantage was that if I did happen to use the PDA for something, I had only to sync it to the PC, and since its software also synchronized with Outlook, it was ready to go.

Now I’ll just have the data in two places: Airset and my iTouch. I can excise Outlook from my PCs! Unless I want to keep using the PDA for some reason, of course. There’s just one program for the PDA that I have not yet replaced satisfactorily on the iTouch, Wakefield Software’s HealthFile. That’s for another post, though.

Sam just realized that he can’t use Airset for iPhone, though—bah. The way it works is by pretending to be an Exchange account, and the iTouch only allows one such account. His work email account takes up that slot. Boo 🙁 It would be better if they’d developed an app. I think that if his employer wants him constantly available, they should give him a Blackberry. They do expect him to support the things, after all!

Now to begin the Evil Outlook Excision!

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