Airset for iPhone!

I’m so excit­ed! We (our fam­i­ly) have been using Airset as our “group­ware” for the past few years — a way to coor­di­nate our cal­en­dar and con­tacts eas­i­ly. Our cri­te­ria includ­ed some­thing that would be avail­able wher­ev­er we hap­pened to be that would sync with Palm PDAs.

Well, Palm has­n’t real­ly been burn­ing up the world in terms of inno­va­tion. In fact, they moved away from Pal­mOS in their own most recent smart­phone! Last year Sam got an iTouch, and while I resist­ed, he final­ly con­vert­ed me to the dark side last fall.

The process of get­ting the cur­rent Airset data into the iTouch, though, has been a lit­tle annoy­ing. I used Airset’s Desk­top Sync util­i­ty to syn­chro­nize between Airset and Out­look (even though I don’t use Out­look for any­thing any more), then iTunes syn­chro­nized con­tacts and cal­en­dar to the iTouch. The only real advan­tage was that if I did hap­pen to use the PDA for some­thing, I had only to sync it to the PC, and since its soft­ware also syn­chro­nized with Out­look, it was ready to go.

Now I’ll just have the data in two places: Airset and my iTouch. I can excise Out­look from my PCs! Unless I want to keep using the PDA for some rea­son, of course. There’s just one pro­gram for the PDA that I have not yet replaced sat­is­fac­to­ri­ly on the iTouch, Wake­field Soft­ware’s Health­File. That’s for anoth­er post, though.

Sam just real­ized that he can’t use Airset for iPhone, though—bah. The way it works is by pre­tend­ing to be an Exchange account, and the iTouch only allows one such account. His work email account takes up that slot. Boo 🙁 It would be bet­ter if they’d devel­oped an app. I think that if his employ­er wants him con­stant­ly avail­able, they should give him a Black­ber­ry. They do expect him to sup­port the things, after all!

Now to begin the Evil Out­look Excision!

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