Three Good Things!

The last time I respond­ed to a prompt from Plinky, it post­ed with absolute­ly no context—so let’s try to fix that this time. Today’s prompt is:

Share three good things about your life right now.
(A lit­tle New Agey, maybe, but it nev­er hurts to look on the bright side.)

He’s always there, always sup­port­ive, always lov­ing. He’s patient beyond belief, enter­tain­ing, sexy, funny—I just can’t say enough good things about him. And that’s before hav­ing read the very depress­ing sta­tis­tics about what hap­pens to most cou­ples when dis­abling ill­ness or injury comes along. If the man is the one who is sick or injured, the woman usu­al­ly sticks around and sup­ports him. If it’s the woman, though, the man usu­al­ly leaves. (Obvi­ous­ly, these sta­tis­tics were only done for oppo­site-sex dyads.) So I was already lucky in hav­ing this mar­velous man in my life for the last 12 years, and now we’re break­ing the curve in oth­er ways.

I’ve always said that if I could have placed an order for my child, it would have been Katie, right down the line. And there she is, still. I’m tick­led that we’re still close as she’s enter­ing adult­hood, and that she’s not too big to cud­dle up with Mom­my on occa­sion despite being 19.

Access to health care
I have access to it after spend­ing most of the last ten years with lit­tle to no access to it. I have access to it when so many peo­ple around me who deserve that access just as much as I do don’t have access to it. I cer­tain­ly worked for many years to earn my Social Secu­ri­ty cred­its, but so have many oth­er peo­ple who don’t have any health care right now. The Social Secu­ri­ty dis­abil­i­ty sys­tem is set up to make it hor­ri­bly dif­fi­cult to get approved for ben­e­fits, even in cas­es in which a claimant clear­ly qual­i­fies. That’s wrong. It’s a waste of admin­is­tra­tive costs. It caus­es vast amounts of unnec­es­sary suf­fer­ing, and much high­er med­ical costs in the long run, because those peo­ple’s health dete­ri­o­rates while they’re fight­ing for cov­er­age, result­ing in high­er claims after they’re final­ly on Medicare. It’s cer­tain­ly the case for me. But my “good thing” is that I have the access!

There’s more!
I real­ly could go on and on, but Plinky just asked for three things 🙂

2 Replies to “Three Good Things!”

  1. I’ll have to prod my RSS read­er — I seemed to have missed this post there. 

    Yay for final­ly get­ting the dis­abil­i­ty approved! I think you’d been work­ing on that for almost as long as I’ve known you.

  2. Some­how I’m not get­ting noti­fi­ca­tions of your com­ments, either, so I need to kick the blog, too!

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