The Importance of Silliness

A quote for my love:
If peo­ple did not do sil­ly things, noth­ing intel­li­gent would ever get done.
–Lud­wig Wittgenstein

I just got the mes­sages in my “In” fold­er down to ONLY 472 (from sev­er­al thou­sand). I use exten­sive fil­ters, so every­thing from any mail­ing list goes to its own fold­er. The rest are actu­al mes­sages from indi­vid­u­als. If you’ve emailed me and haven’t got­ten an answer, it’s prob­a­bly because I want­ed to give you a “real reply” when I had time. Aggghhhh!

Any­way, I woke around 6 am this morn­ing. That is a VERY nice change from my body’s sched­ule recent­ly. I got to see Sam before he left. I’ve got the kitchen most­ly cleaned up and the laun­dry going, the plants watered and a lit­tle pick­ing up done. I even COOKED break­fast for myself. And ate it! (I’ve had even less appetite than usu­al since this past weekend.)

It’s amaz­ing how pro­duc­tive pro­cras­ti­na­tion can be.

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