The Morning After

Party last night was fun—thank you SO much to all of our mar­velous friends and incred­i­ble fam­i­ly! I love our friends and fam­i­ly. I love the home we’ve made together.

sam­bear has recapped last night quite well. I stayed up all night snug­gling and talk­ing with Alice, Kathy, and isar­ma. Alice had to leave because of the heavy con­struc­tion equip­ment arriv­ing at her house at 8, and Kathy & isar­ma left short­ly after­wards. sam­bear tucked me into bed with the nitey-nite meds and I woke up many hours lat­er. Got some god­dessin­ga hugs (not enough, nev­er enough) when she came to get Lit­tle Miss’ for­got­ten med­i­cine, and now I’m try­ing real­ly hard to tru­ly wake up. Real­ly. I’m work­ing on it.

shad­owkatt went to bowl­ing with a friend yes­ter­day, learned that it had been can­celed until Jan­u­ary, and nev­er came home until today. G went back home with the friend, and real_pochacco is con­tin­u­ing writ­ing the nov­el he’s been post­ing in his jour­nal. It was very nice to get up and find that G and real_pochacco had been kitchen fairies while I was sleeping.

I guess it’s time to go get ready for the PolySouth­east potluck tonight!

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