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So I have the fab­ric and (when they fit) the pat­tern for a bunch of projects put in Ziplock bags. We’re run­ning out of bags, though, and I’m not done yet. I need to make a list of the DMC col­ors that I need for more than one project and get addi­tion­al skeins of those col­ors, too.

I stitched a lit­tle on a project that I know I start­ed for Dad­dy at his request, but can’t remem­ber when. I’m fair­ly cer­tain I was still mar­ried to shad­owkatt’s father at the time, which would put it before 1993, I think?

I closed my FriendTest quiz, so if you took it and gave them an email address, you should have received the cor­rect answers. 
1) How many chil­dren have my par­ents had?
Two girls, two boys. I had an old­er broth­er who died right before I was born, and I have a younger sis­ter and brother.

2) How many times have I been married?
Three times: Scott, Wayne, and Paul.

3) How many preg­nan­cies have I had?
As far as I know, I’ve only been for-sure preg­nant twice. The first preg­nan­cy pro­duced shad­owkatt, and the sec­ond end­ed in a mis­car­riage last year.

4) How many stepchil­dren do I have?
Five. You can divorce a spouse, but I was taught that you don’t divorce stepchil­dren or in-laws. I have three stepchil­dren and three step-grand­chil­dren from my mar­riage to Paul, as well as sam­bear’s two chil­dren. We refer to each oth­er’s chil­dren as our stepchil­dren sim­ply because that’s the clear­est way to explain the relationships.

5) How many SOs do I cur­rent­ly have?
Four — sam­bear, curiousmay9, word­can­dlemage, and LJ-less R. Our def­i­n­i­tion of SO: Peo­ple with whom one of us has a rela­tion­ship that goes beyond friend­ship. SOs may or may not be peo­ple with whom we’re sex­u­al­ly involved, but they’re peo­ple who are con­sid­ered when we make any major life decision.

6) How long have I been polyamorous?
More than twen­ty years

7) What kind of dog do I want?
An Airedale Ter­ri­er, just like the dog I grew up with.

8) What’s my Kin­sey score?
2, which trans­lates as “Pre­dom­i­nant­ly het­ero­sex­u­al, but more than inci­den­tal­ly homo­sex­u­al.” A few peo­ple chose 5, which would mean almost com­plete­ly homo­sex­u­al. I’m assum­ing they just mis­un­der­stood the scale unless I have some sort of seri­ous les­bian vibe going on that I’ve nev­er known about.

9) What’s my favorite non-fic­tion book?
Rad­i­cal Hon­esty by Brad Blan­ton. I adore the oth­ers list­ed, but that’s the one that I con­sid­er high­ly rec­om­mend­ed for absolute­ly everyone.

10) What’s my favorite pastime?
Gam­ing! I enjoy stitch­ing while gam­ing, but if I could­n’t I’d still want to game. Gam­ing is a more ful­ly engag­ing hobby.

If you had a test, I’ve almost cer­tain­ly tak­en it by now. I want to know the answers!

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