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So I have the fabric and (when they fit) the pattern for a bunch of projects put in Ziplock bags. We’re running out of bags, though, and I’m not done yet. I need to make a list of the DMC colors that I need for more than one project and get additional skeins of those colors, too.

I stitched a little on a project that I know I started for Daddy at his request, but can’t remember when. I’m fairly certain I was still married to shadowkatt‘s father at the time, which would put it before 1993, I think?

I closed my FriendTest quiz, so if you took it and gave them an email address, you should have received the correct answers.
1) How many children have my parents had?
Two girls, two boys. I had an older brother who died right before I was born, and I have a younger sister and brother.

2) How many times have I been married?
Three times: Scott, Wayne, and Paul.

3) How many pregnancies have I had?
As far as I know, I’ve only been for-sure pregnant twice. The first pregnancy produced shadowkatt, and the second ended in a miscarriage last year.

4) How many stepchildren do I have?
Five. You can divorce a spouse, but I was taught that you don’t divorce stepchildren or in-laws. I have three stepchildren and three step-grandchildren from my marriage to Paul, as well as sambear‘s two children. We refer to each other’s children as our stepchildren simply because that’s the clearest way to explain the relationships.

5) How many SOs do I currently have?
Four – sambear, curiousmay9, wordcandlemage, and LJ-less R. Our definition of SO: People with whom one of us has a relationship that goes beyond friendship. SOs may or may not be people with whom we’re sexually involved, but they’re people who are considered when we make any major life decision.

6) How long have I been polyamorous?
More than twenty years

7) What kind of dog do I want?
An Airedale Terrier, just like the dog I grew up with.

8) What’s my Kinsey score?
2, which translates as “Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual.” A few people chose 5, which would mean almost completely homosexual. I’m assuming they just misunderstood the scale unless I have some sort of serious lesbian vibe going on that I’ve never known about.

9) What’s my favorite non-fiction book?
Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton. I adore the others listed, but that’s the one that I consider highly recommended for absolutely everyone.

10) What’s my favorite pastime?
Gaming! I enjoy stitching while gaming, but if I couldn’t I’d still want to game. Gaming is a more fully engaging hobby.

If you had a test, I’ve almost certainly taken it by now. I want to know the answers!

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