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Weird Lusts

I’m the only person I know of who lusts after housecleaning tools.

I mean, curiousmay9 has a serious Thing for power tools.

sambear loves any gaming stuff, and geek toys, and, well—lotsa things.

shadowkatt can’t resist the pointy-shinies.

And I pine for a Dirt Devil/Swiffer vacuum.

My sweet sambear got me a Clorox ReadyMop a year or two back. It is wonderful. If you have small children and don’t have one, GET ONE! The addition of the stick vacuum would just make it perfect.

curiousmay9 has promised me a Roomba, which will be marvelous. Perhaps I’ll have a small chance of keeping the Karli-fur in check with a little vacuuming robot. If they come out with one that’ll do the upholstered furniture, too, I am THERE!

Obviously, there are other things I desire, as well. I have an irrational *need* for a laser measuring thingy. No, I don’t have to measure things all that often—I just like it. Former SO E had an earlier version of it, and I really enjoyed measuring rooms that way much more than with a plain old metal measuring tape.

I have to avoid the appliance department at Home Depot now. It’s too embarrassing when I start drooling over the Maytag Neptune washer and drying center.  Odd, yes. But anybody who has been here on “delicate laundry day” knows why I’d want such a thing. Just—don’t come here on those days if the sight of ladies’ “fine washables” drying would embarrass you. We have so many of them that they get hung in the laundry room, pantry, kitchen, and entryway.

Right. Exhibitionistic tendencies, right here. Just really weird ones.

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