Slapped by My Own Prejudice

So last week, curiousmay9 and I watched the first Queer As Folk DVD. I had no idea what the show was about, just the title. She’d seen it before.

shadowkatt was coming and going, as usual. I found myself very uptight about her presence, and at one point I even turned off the DVD ’til she went back upstairs.

I didn’t really think about it then, but the next day, it kept coming back to me. Why did I mind her seeing that?

I finally had to acknowledge that it was the man/man sex. The show is no more explicit than the movie Dangerous Beauty, which she’s seen—but it’s MEN! Somehow, my mind categorized that as “dirty.”


So, I explained what the show was about, and why I’d gotten edgy, and told her she can watch it, or not, as she pleases.

I wonder—will there ever be a time when I am truly prejudice-free?

Current Mood: 😳embarrassed
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