Happily, the cleaning service seems to have taken the come-to-Jesus talk quite seriously. The maids were here for at least three hours, probably more. The house absolutely sparkles. I love it!

They even cleaned the empty fridge for us. Yes, we have two refrigerators in use now. The one that came with the house simply wasn’t big enough for handling bulk shopping and cooking, so the one that was at the Cottage is here now, too. It’s hooked up in the garage (which is right off the kitchen). ridinrabbit is going to run a water line to it for the ice maker.

Fridge2 is next to a freezer we recently received via FreeCycle. It hasn’t been cleaned yet, but if we don’t have time to do it in the next week or so, I’ll ask the maids to do it on their next visit. Yes, we’re serious about the bulk shopping and cooking thing.

Actually, they charge an extra $20 to clean an appliance. I’m seriously considering just having them work through all four (two refrigerators, freezer, oven) over four visits, then starting over again. The oven is “self-cleaning” but that never really gets it clean.

Karli needs a bath. She managed to get some kind of yellow-green something on her muzzle. It wouldn’t be noticeable on most dogs, but it definitely shows up against her white fur.

She went outside during the downpour Thursday evening. It wasn’t even the worst part of the storm, and she wasn’t outside long. But when she came back in, she left puddles—real puddles!—on the slate floor. I tried to dry her off, but the double coat makes that rather difficult. At least she wasn’t incredibly muddy.

Having a dog in the house again is an adjustment. I expected that. Having a fenced yard makes things much easier. I’ve never had a really big dog live inside full-time before, though, so some things—like the sheer quantity of water she brings in with her—are a bit surprising.

Really, all the critters could stand a bath. It takes far more effort per pound to wash the cats than the dog, though.

I need a “boring household stuff” icon.

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