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Did I ever really mention that ridinrabbit, curiousmay9 and I have our own business? It’s Jill of All Trades. The Rabbit can fix just about anything around your house. If you need something around your house repaired, renovated, added on, or installed, let us know.

My job just entails pushing papers, making phone calls, doing online shopping, and dueling with bureaucracies.

curiousmay9 and I spent a few hours at ridinrabbit‘s house on Wednesday getting some things organized. Because Jill of All Trades existed as the Rabbit’s enterprise before curiousmay9 and I got involved, she’s got existing paperwork that I’m separating from her personal affairs and integrating with the rest of the business’ files.

I think I killed her shredder. I brought home two boxes full of papers to be sorted/filed/shredded, and went through them while visiting with curiousmay9 this evening.

In a fairly short time, I had two bags full of trash and a relatively small stack of papers that actually need to be dealt with in some way. Some of those can go away as soon as they’re entered into an accounting program or ledger of some sort.

It’s ridiculously satisfying to shred papers. I don’t know why I didn’t make more use of this thing sooner. Heck, I shredded some things I could have just thrown away. Yes, I like to play with my toys.

I want a more powerful shredder, though. I think I’ve nearly worn this one out, and I haven’t even used it much! It was so hot that it burned my hands each time I took it off the trash can to empty the can.

The teeth in the middle seem to be dull, so if I tried to do 3 pieces of paper at a time it just perforated them, so to speak, in the middle. I had to turn the pages around and run them through the other way, which is highly inefficient. (It’s supposed to handle at least 5 pages at a time.) It wasn’t an expensive model, by any means. I think I’ll shop around for something with more oomph, though.

We need to get the rest of the files over here from ridinrabbit‘s house. I can’t get all the right files set up without seeing the rest of the files and going through them. Apparently, there are 4-5 drawers full right now.

I definitely need to get more tape for the delightful labeler sambear gave me a short while back!

I also need to figure out which version of QuickBooks would do everything I want it to do. I need it to be networkable, track hours, do billing and cost accounting for projects, handle multiple “companies,” and make doing taxes very easy at the end of the year. The networkable requirement means Quicken just won’t do. I don’t need files to be accessible to more than one user at a time, but I do want to be able to access the software from any machine on our LAN.

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