Busy Friday

My girl is home! YAY! She had a great time, as usual. sambear got some really good shots of her during the horse show before his camera batteries ran out.

Tomorrow today is going to be busy.

A TV crew from one of the major news shows is supposed to do a shoot here beginning at 5:30 pm. The story is about cyberstalking, of course.

I have no idea when the clip will air, but since it’s a time-sensitive issue it probably won’t be long. I’ll let y’all know when I find out.

(I’m not being more specific because I’m sure Dick Coward checks this from time to time, and I don’t want to subject whoever answers the phone at the news show’s office to be subjected to his stupid phone calls trying to stop the shoot or the airing of the story.)

The exterminator is coming around 10 or 11. We got a great deal on a termite bond with a year’s general service. We’ve sprayed for bugs ourselves, several times, but 1) we can’t seem to get rid of all the spiders; 2) having a dog going in and out means she brings in hitchhiking parasites; 3) the maid service killed a scorpion in here this week! So we’ll let someone else be responsible for it, and just call them out as often as it takes to keep out the pests.

Besides, I want the attic and crawl space sprayed, and don’t want to ask anybody in the family to do it.

Comcast is supposed to have an installer here at about the same time to add another jack in the guest room. Since we’ll be putting a sleeper sofa in there instead of a normal bed, we decided to make that something of a den for use when the living room is occupied. The PS2 will probably go with the TV in there.

I have a medical appointment tomorrow afternoon, at an office that always runs very late. We normally block out 3-4 hours for each visit, although the actual time spent with a health provider is never more than 15 minutes. If they run crazy late this time, I’ll just have to leave. I don’t want to be all frazzled going into the interview.

No matter how clean the house is, there’s always a need for “picking up” before guests arrive. At least that’s all we’ll need to do.

Oh crap. I just realized that I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to wear. Ugh.

I don’t mind talking to these people as much as they like. I just have to try not to think about the whole “on camera” part.

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