I’m More Awake Now :-)

We spent our first night in Castle Caritas last night, and it was lovely. I adore our room. It feels very “grounded” and safe. Katie likes her aqua room. Shelley approves of both but has requested her own personal catwalk to go from one to the other with no encounters with the other three felines.

I am so blessed! I have the world’s best man as a partner. I have a beautiful, loving, helpful daughter (I had to force myself to stop adding adjectives there). I have a caring, supportive housemate/sister-of-choice. Thank you, Goddess!

My PC is here, thanks to sambear. We have net access, thanks to curiousmay9 helping with an issue that came up. We have a lovely house. As of Friday morning, we’ll have ALL the cable channels available—which means the digital music channels again, too. Sam, Katie and I aren’t into TV in a big way, but curiousmay9 enjoys it and wants it.

We have room to entertain again. We have plans for a beautiful garden. There are birds and squirrels right outside the windows. We’ve seen possums and raccoons nearby.

We have very friendly, helpful neighbors on one side, and an empty house (I think it’s for rent – hint, hint!) on the other. The street ends in a small cul-de-sac in front of the empty house.

We have a purple bedroom!

Having three adults in the family/house means being able to juggle things like getting a car to the dealer for service without it being a big deal.

We have incredible friends and family outside of the Castle, too. Thank you.

Current Mood: 🙂thankful
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