Early Saturday Evening

After two trips with ToD and one with cop­per­scale’s hus­band and son in their van, we’ve got almost all of the things marked out packed and gone to the cas­tle. A few box­es are here, because I packed them after the last trip over.

Books in liv­ing room
Books in mas­ter bedroom
Books in office
Books in guest room
Stuff in enter­tain­ment center
Stuff in end tables
DVDs/VHS Tapes
Craft stuff
Katie’s room
Our room
Mas­ter bath cabinets/linen closet
Hall bath cabinets/linen closet
Office supplies
Com­put­er equipment
Art­work (big stuff is gone, lit­tle stuff I’m putting in a box)
Hall clos­et contents
Coat clos­et contents
Stor­age room con­tents (most­ly gone — I think there are a few plant pots there now)
Laun­dry room
Gam­ing table
Three small bookcases
Craft con­tain­ers

We’ve got a few more pieces of fur­ni­ture that will fit in ToD, but I doubt we’re real­ly going to both­er try­ing to move them. It should be less expen­sive to have the movers take care of them than for us to do it with all the trips we’d have to make there and back.

We also plan to move the elec­tron­ics our­selves, in the car. The com­put­ers will go last, but the tele­vi­sion, stereo, PS2k and the like should go over tomor­row. Oh! And the musi­cal instru­ments. Def­i­nite­ly car stuff.

We will have no net con­nec­tions at the Cas­tle on Tues­day (oth­er than dial-up—UGH!). Because the DSL instal­la­tion date is NOT hap­py, we’re con­sid­er­ing a cable modem. Com­cast has us on the sched­ule for Wednes­day morn­ing unless we cancel. 

I’ve got all the dish­es and laun­dry clean so that it’s easy to pack that stuff. We haven’t real­ly been buy­ing gro­ceries as usu­al, so as to have less to pack. Since the Cas­tle is already clean, I can leave clean­ing sup­plies here so that I can use them on Wednesday.

shad­owkatt’s room is def­i­nite­ly The Big Bad. There’s so much crammed in there that it is going to take for­ev­er to get it all packed. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, her rel­a­tives insist on giv­ing her lots of break­able tchotchkes. She feels guilty about get­ting rid of them, but they are seri­ous dust catch­ers (health issue) and every lit­tle piece must be wrapped very care­ful­ly to avoid break­age. She’s tak­en a lot of them to her room in my par­ents’ house, but there are a lot left, too. Of course, there’s also a lot of Dad­dy mem­o­ra­bil­ia, and it’s espe­cial­ly impor­tant that those things sur­vive intact.

Damn. I’ve just real­ized that Katie has an appoint­ment Tues­day morn­ing for fill­ings. It’s been sched­uled for a while and will be a major nui­sance to can­cel. And I CANNOT miss my class­es again Tues­day after­noon. But I need to be at the Cas­tle when the fur­ni­ture is unloaded. Sam is tak­ing the day off, but—ACK!

Okay—realistically, I can des­ig­nate fur­ni­ture loca­tions ahead of time, right? The only things that are real­ly dif­fi­cult to move around our­selves are beds and the guest room fur­ni­ture. I know where the sofas will go. I know where our bed goes. Our sit­ting room fur­ni­ture is all eas­i­ly moved. All the book­cas­es are going to have to land in the garage ’til I fig­ure out where to put them. Katie’s fur­ni­ture place­ment will be fair­ly tem­po­rary no mat­ter what because we’ve put off build­ing the loft bed for a few weeks.

Our wash­er and dry­er are going to curiousmay9’s cot­tage. If who­ev­er rents the place does­n’t want to buy them, we’ll see if some­one else needs to use them in exchange for stor­ing them or something.

We real­ly need to find out what cop­per­scale’s hus­band’s favorite meal is and have them over to din­ner. He and their son have been incred­i­bly help­ful to us in this move and the last.

curiousmay9 crashed today due to total exhaus­tion, so the wood floor­ing still isn’t down in her bed­room or the upstairs office/den. Poor Run­bun­ny backed over a neigh­bor­ing house­’s stone mail­box Thurs­day when leav­ing the Cas­tle. She, curiousmay9, sam­bear and shad­owkatt (with help from neigh­bor D and his son) put it to rights today.

My sin­cere hope is to fin­ish pack­ing tonight or by noon tomor­row at the lat­est, then get what we can to the Cas­tle tomor­row and fin­ish the paint­ing. I’ll need to fill in nail holes and clean here—the fill­ing can be done before the movers come. I can go ahead and clean bath­rooms, fridge, oven, and the like pre-move, too. The floors, of course, will have to be done after the movers are gone.

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