Well, One Load is Gone

After wait­ing for Mus­cle Boy through much of the morn­ing (while pack­ing), shad­owkatt and sam­bear final­ly loaded more box­es than I thought would fit into ToD (curiousmay9’s truck) and went on to the Cas­tle. I’m still here to do more pack­ing. Tech­ni­cal­ly, the three of us WOULD fit in ToD—barely. I don’t feel incred­i­bly safe dri­ving when we’re that crowded.

So I’ve just had lunch (I remem­bered, see? I’m get­ting bet­ter about it!) and am about to return to pack­ing. Dang—even after a lot of declut­ter­ing, we have lots of stuff. BUT—there is much less than there was before, and it is much more eas­i­ly packed.

I’m wear­ing my new bra, pur­chased via eBay for under $10 (includ­ing S&H). You can see one like it here. It is the most com­fort­able bra I have ever worn in my life. Seri­ous­ly. It would def­i­nite­ly be worth pay­ing the $40 or so each to buy more of these. I’ll keep an eye on eBay (I cre­at­ed a new search just for them), but I’ll also be talk­ing to the ladies at Sil­ver Lining.

Sam, Katie, and I found it hard to focus on the pack­ing of var­i­ous sorts of media this morn­ing. It’s so tempt­ing to stop and read! Or to pop in a CD we haven’t heard in a while, “just for a few minutes.”

I need to do the craft books next. Yes, that will be dis­tract­ing. Espe­cial­ly with nobody else here to notice if I linger!

I’m hap­py to be mak­ing progress. Mov­ing sucks, but mov­ing to a bet­ter, nicer place to live with curiousmay9 is worth the has­sle. We’ll be done in the next few days. YAY!

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