School in Oklahoma City Suspends 6th-Graders (Almost All of Them)

School in Okla. City Sus­pends 6th-Graders
OKLAHOMA CITY — A pub­lic school sus­pend­ed near­ly all of its sixth-graders for class dis­rup­tions and a cafe­te­ria ruckus this week, though many of the stu­dents were allowed to return after their par­ents met with school officials.

The per­son who sent this arti­cle to the UU home­school­ing list lives in that school dis­trict. While her chil­dren have been home­schooled, her fos­ter chil­dren haven’t been. One of them was placed in this school and was hav­ing a lot of trou­ble, so Camille “shad­owed” her through school for a cou­ple of days.

We went into her math class—this was the teacher with whom she had the most has­sles. The teacher start­ed the class by telling the kids, “If you want to do math, come up here. If you don’t, go in the back and put your head down or talk qui­et­ly.” Then she seemed sur­prised when the kids got total­ly out of line.

(Dis­clo­sure: Camille is one of my heroes.)

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