Monday Mor–Um, Afternoon

Big con­grat­u­la­tions to star­rchilde and rasilio! They got mar­ried this week­end!

Every Mon­day, keira­cait­lyn posts affir­ma­tions based on astro­log­i­cal signs. This week, mine is:
SCORPIO — DISCOVERY — “I explore the range of my feel­ings and expe­ri­ences in order to dis­cov­er and release any decep­tions or illu­sions that are acti­vat­ing fear or under­min­ing my self-esteem.”

That pinged some­thing in me, so appar­ent­ly, I need to spend time think­ing about it.

I’m con­sid­er­ing putting Kub­otans in Yule stock­ings this year. I rather like the ones with the knives inside. And then sam­bear found Wild Kats — sold! That whole site is VERY Scor­pio. I can’t help won­der­ing how well these work.

Noth­ing tastes right today. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m get­ting a cold? I could­n’t fin­ish my cof­fee or cere­al. Even the water tastes wrong, and we have a fil­ter at the tap and on the line to the icemaker.

My incred­i­ble sam­bear worked for sev­er­al hours last night doing mass cook­ing. shad­owkatt helped with the mas­sive gro­cery run required in prepa­ra­tion. We have lots and lots of good food in the freez­er now, and he’ll be fin­ish­ing up more tonight. He’s so wonderful!

While all of us will ben­e­fit from this, he real­ly did it for me. Now that I’m on Glu­cophage again, my bad habit of for­get­ting to eat is a seri­ous issue. I fall into hypo­glycemia VERY quick­ly, and then I get too down and wifty to do any­thing about it. I’m using reminders on my PDA to tell me to eat and take meds every 2–4 hours—and because of Sam, there’s always some­thing tasty that’s eas­i­ly prepared.

I can’t imag­ine why I had to learn of this inci­dent from a link in a blog rather than from the local news: 5 high school boys in Can­ton have been beat­ing His­pan­ic immi­grants. Why? Because they could. This is hap­pen­ing right around the cor­ner from us, and I’ve heard noth­ing about it until now. The only rea­son it’s real­ly get­ting cov­er­age? One of the boys is the son of the own­er of Cagle Dairy. The pros­e­cu­tor and sev­er­al oth­er offi­cials have had to recuse them­selves from the case due to hav­ing friend­ships or busi­ness rela­tion­ships with the family.

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