Monday Mor–Um, Afternoon

Big congratulations to starrchilde and rasilio! They got married this weekend!

Every Monday, keiracaitlyn posts affirmations based on astrological signs. This week, mine is:
SCORPIO – DISCOVERY – “I explore the range of my feelings and experiences in order to discover and release any deceptions or illusions that are activating fear or undermining my self-esteem.”

That pinged something in me, so apparently, I need to spend time thinking about it.

I’m considering putting Kubotans in Yule stockings this year. I rather like the ones with the knives inside. And then sambear found Wild Kats – sold! That whole site is VERY Scorpio. I can’t help wondering how well these work.

Nothing tastes right today. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m getting a cold? I couldn’t finish my coffee or cereal. Even the water tastes wrong, and we have a filter at the tap and on the line to the icemaker.

My incredible sambear worked for several hours last night doing mass cooking. shadowkatt helped with the massive grocery run required in preparation. We have lots and lots of good food in the freezer now, and he’ll be finishing up more tonight. He’s so wonderful!

While all of us will benefit from this, he really did it for me. Now that I’m on Glucophage again, my bad habit of forgetting to eat is a serious issue. I fall into hypoglycemia VERY quickly, and then I get too down and wifty to do anything about it. I’m using reminders on my PDA to tell me to eat and take meds every 2-4 hours—and because of Sam, there’s always something tasty that’s easily prepared.

I can’t imagine why I had to learn of this incident from a link in a blog rather than from the local news: 5 high school boys in Canton have been beating Hispanic immigrants. Why? Because they could. This is happening right around the corner from us, and I’ve heard nothing about it until now. The only reason it’s really getting coverage? One of the boys is the son of the owner of Cagle Dairy. The prosecutor and several other officials have had to recuse themselves from the case due to having friendships or business relationships with the family.

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