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Jobs flat­lined under Bush–a touch of the over­seer’s lash

It is all of that, but I’d go one step fur­ther: flat­lined jobs are exact­ly what Bush wants. To them, the chart above rep­re­sents a pol­i­cy suc­cess. (Krug­man’s out­raged that they’re lying about it, but we expect that.)

It’s all part of keep­ing peo­ple in fear. Flatlin­ing jobs, keep­ing the labor mar­ket as awful as it is, with no relief in sight, is the mod­ern day equiv­a­lent of the over­seer’s lash on the slave’s back.

Is it any won­der that peo­ple are more pro­duc­tive? They work hard­er because they’re in fear! They work­er hard­er when the only ben­e­fit of being more pro­duc­tive is not los­ing their job! Same deal with trash­ing over­time pro­tec­tion, let­ting health care costs rise and rise, and gut­ting any work­place pro­tec­tions. No ben­e­fit to peo­ple at all. Just a touch of the lash.

Promis­es, Promises
Notice that the Feb­ru­ary 2004 fore­cast, which, as in pre­vi­ous years, is based on data only through the pre­ced­ing Octo­ber, is already 900,000 jobs too high.

The Bushog­a­rchy ver­sus America
The state of the econ­o­my is exact­ly the way Bush wants it. They changed the rules, as with every­thing else.

Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty Shad­ow Stretch­es Across U.S. Economy
For two years now, pro­duc­tiv­i­ty growth, a mea­sure of how much work­ers pro­duce per hour, has been at his­toric highs as com­pa­nies rely on squeez­ing their exist­ing employ­ees to meet demand, rather than hir­ing more workers.

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