Co-Abode: Single Mothers Share Housing

I’ve meant several times to mention this here, and keep forgetting: Co-abode: Single Mothers Share Housing I no longer remember where I first heard it mentioned, but it sounds like a great idea. Here’s the basic stuff from their site.

ARE YOU a single mother in need of a more comfortable living situation for yourself and your children?

ARE YOU a single mother in need of emotional support from another single mom who has gone through what you are now facing?

ARE YOUR kids always watching TV or playing video games because they have no playmates or room for physical activity?

This service can be your relief and source of support!

We’ve designed several programs to help make your life easier.

Single Mothers House Sharing

* Enables you to afford a better house or apartment, within a safer school district.

* Allows you to halve the cost of rent and overhead expenses freeing up much needed resources.

* Lightens the burden of cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, homework, car-pooling and child supervision which means you’re less tired and stressed out and better able to care for the kids and you might even have a little personal time left for yourself.

* Helps divorced moms to hold on to the family home by bringing in a mom roommate to help cover expenses.

* Empowers those in abusive situations to escape knowing there’s another mom there to pool resources with and get some emotional support.

Our Circle of Friends is there for moms to connect for financial and emotional support including child care, car pooling, and support on parenting or just to have someone to talk to when times are tough. Come join one of our support groups running in 22 states hosted by 38 single moms. And if there isn’t one in your neighborhood, come volunteer, it’s the best way to make new friends who really understand what you’re going through.

Our Affordable Housing Access program is in the early stages but we’ve started to connect low income single moms with subsidized housing in safe neighborhoods and reputable school districts.

Our Single Mother’s Resource program, which is also in the development stages, is designed to provide vital referral information on subsidized child care, medical, dental and mental health care, advice on money management, parenting and nutrition, affordable car and health insurance as well as referral to legal aid for those who might need it.

Our Outreach Program is a collaboration with other community service programs so that all Co-abode single moms might learn about and gain access to the essential services that they provide and of course, that their participants might have access to ours.

Our intention with all of these programs is to enable single moms gain the financial, emotional and community support essential to raise healthy, happy children…

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