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So my man is at work again today. The house is incredibly quiet with him gone and the girl still sleeping.

Getting shadowkatt back on to a daytime schedule isn’t going so well. She’s had migraines twice in the morning. When she sleeps so late, of course, she has problems getting to sleep that night! I really thought it would be fairly easy after Girl Scout camp, but she’s been nocturnal for most of her life.

Oh—did I mention that curiousmay9 treated me to a visit with her miracle-working chiropractor/kinesiologist, Eric, a couple of weeks back? He is incredible. I’ve never had such gentle adjustments before, and I’ve been sleeping so well! He gave me a temporary splint that I wear at night to stop grinding my teeth and had me start wearing those ugly BreatheRight Nasal Strips. They look silly, but I wake up feeling so much better that I don’t care. (Since sambear wears them too, we match now.)

When I have health insurance again, I need to go see about getting a real splint and doing something about the chronically blocked sinuses.

My right shoulder and the right side of my neck have had constant, horrible knots for years now. A previous chiropractor told me I had damage there from some sort of trauma, and I’d just have to deal with the pain.

Eric watched me walk, then did some chi qung (sp?) on my lower back. The knots were GONE. They haven’t been nearly as bad since then, but I’m going back tomorrow. He said my tailbone has been out of place for years, probably since my pregnancy in 1990.

Eric said that IF he could legally do so, he’d tell me to just stop taking all of my meds. I’m a bit wary of doing that, but I’m considering tapering off on them to see what happens.

I want to see him regularly, but the $60/visit could be a bit difficult. I want to take Katie to him, too.

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