Run run run all day today again! Well, lots of wait­ing in var­i­ous places punc­tu­at­ed by dri­ving. I did mark a fair num­ber of things off the “to-do” list, though it cer­tain­ly isn’t emp­ty by a long shot!

It seems my lot in life to do paper­work and argue with bureau­crats for myself and oth­ers. I’m good at it, but it isn’t fun by any measure.

Be nice to shad­owkatt—she got two aller­gy shots as well as hav­ing three tubes of blood drawn for a test.

I felt much bet­ter when I woke today than I have in a week. I think it has some­thing to do with how I spaced out my med­ica­tions last night, so I’m going to try that again.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, all the two-legged res­i­dents here have sore throats. No stuffi­ness beyond nor­mal aller­gy stuff, so I’m hop­ing they’ll just get better.

I got a fair amount of read­ing in on Exile’s Val­or by Misty Lack­ey. I did­n’t hon­est­ly think that even she could fur­ther dis­may me, but she has in this book and its pre­quel. The char­ac­ter who has always been Lack­ey’s alter ego, “Her­ald-Chron­i­cler Myste,” plays a promi­nent part in these books. That’s just too Mary Sue for words.

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