Happy Birthday rickybuchanan!

And welcome to LJ, celticmoni 🙂

Neither sambear nor I was really able to sleep last night—it was just too hot in our bedroom. Despite being 36 degrees outside NOW (and certainly colder overnight), we had to turn on the A/C and it was still 70 inside! Fortunately, we did find ways to amuse ourselves. We’re unlikely to be perky today, though.

We were both out of the bed and showered by 5:30. Sam looked at the clock and said, “That can’t be right. It has to be later than that.” I showed him that my watch agrees. Yes, it really is o’dark-thirty.

Yesterday was not a good pain day, thanks to the cold, wet weather. My sweet man worked all day, then immediately took over after getting home. He picked shadowkatt up from dance, put gas in the car, and did a quick grocery run. And he brought me more fresh flowers! Roses this week.

I’m not generally one for much legislation, but anyone who drives on I-75 regularly sees the need for this:
Bill Would Slow Down Tractor-Trailers

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