Tuesday Evening

So sambear and I braved downtown Atlanta to do some business today. Teamwork is good—we couldn’t find a place to park, so he scooted out and took care of business while I just kept circling the area in the car.

Please send positive thoughts to curiousmay9. She’s sorting through all of her late father’s belongings to keep, sell or give away this week. Alone. I wish we could be there to help her.

The allergist prescribed a Medrol Dospak and Benadryl every 4 hours for shadowkatt If the rash responds to that, it was an allergic reaction to SOMETHING and she isn’t contagious. If it doesn’t respond, we’ll have to go to the general doctor to see if we can figure out what it is. Either way, we won’t get to see the new baby before they leave the hospital tomorrow morning, and possibly not ’til after Thanksgiving.

We are having our smallest Thanksgiving in years this time&mash;just me, shadowkatt, sambear and wordcandlemage. The holiday really just snuck up on us, but being in an apartment instead of that big house certainly played a part. It’s something of a relief to be planning on a smaller scale, but a little sad, as well.

I need to find a Mickey Mouse birth sampler in primary colors to do for the new nephew. I understood that most of the Disney cross-stitch designs had gone out of print. I did a little Googling earlier, but kept coming up with results in the UK—nothing exactly right in the US. Odd.

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