Monday Evening

shad­owkatt went to see Mas­ter and Com­man­der: The Far Side of the World with a group of teens today, includ­ing new friend C (dis­tinct from old friend C, and now I real­ize that I need use-names for both girls). They were going bowl­ing, but the orga­niz­er was mis­led by an out-of-date web­site. We arrived as planned at 1, and the bowl­ing alley did­n’t open until 3, so we picked a movie as the eas­i­est thing to do on the spur of the moment.

Again, the event was way too par­ent-dom­i­nat­ed for a teen out­ing. Most of the par­ents stay with their kids, and sev­er­al had their younger chil­dren with them as we’d planned to bowl. It seems to me, though, that a teen event should be about and for just the teens—and from what I recall from my teen years, hav­ing par­ents or younger sib­lings along instant­ly changes things in a big way.

Both girls want to see The Matrix Rev­o­lu­tions but haven’t seen Reloaded yet. I think we’re going to rent Reloaded and then go see Rev­o­lu­tions (pos­si­bly the IMAX ver­sion) that same day.

I am way too exhaust­ed from just dri­ving around (Katie also had a recheck with the eye doc­tor about her con­tacts today). Being out and about drains my ener­gy to a ridicu­lous extent.

Cur­rent Mood: 😴tired
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