Sunday Part 2

shadowkatt and I had nice snuggles while eating breakfast, but she ended up being a little late for her ride to Girl Scouts as a result. They were very kind and waited for her, though. Have I mentioned that her GS leader is a marvelous all-around person?

I’m wading through the mess o’ pills I’m supposed to swallow each morning (yes, I know it’s afternoon, I got up late and procrastinated taking them). I wasn’t really taking my vitamins/supplements regularly because opening all those bottles was too much trouble. They won’t fit in a pillbox, either. So on Thursday I finally sat down and put them into small snack-size Ziplock bags. Now I have a set of bags for morning meds and one for evening meds.

Just Mornings:
Effexor XR
B-vitamins for stress
Lysine and L-Arginine1I’m not sure why I’m taking those two, other than the fact that Sam read/heard something and felt they’d be helpful, so he asked me to do so. SAMe
Calcium-Magnesium (2 horse pills)
Glucosamine-Chondroitin-MSM (4 horse pills)2I’m really supposed to be taking Celebrex, Skelaxin, Ultram, Glucophage, and BC pills. I don’t have them and haven’t had them for a while, though. The total cost for all the stuff I’m supposed to be taking (just RXs, not supplements) would be $1280.48/month, according to

Edit: I forgot the antihistamine/decongestant and Aleve.

10 bottles were just too many to contemplate. It’s easier now. Except for the swallowing part. Sam says that even though I feel full after all those pills, they don’t count as breakfast.

I’m hoping that my pain/stiffness/fatigue will improve with taking the stuff more consistently. I have had good effects from the G-C-M and Cal/Mag combinations in the past. I can’t remember how long it took for them to really kick in, though.

Putting the meds in the Ziplock bags is one of the things I identified on Thursday that I could do to try to improve my health. It didn’t cost anything and doesn’t depend on whether or not I have health insurance, so I did it.

I also started actually reading Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual 2nd Edition by Devin Starlanyl instead of just looking up things from time to time. I’ve zoned out on the “perpetuating factors” stuff in the past because there are just so many! I’m trying to actually make notes now, and work on my own “wellness/recovery plan.”

I think I’m going to put the Guide to the Trigger Points video on my birthday/Christmas wish list (well, if I actually make one).

Anyway, it’s about time to go get ready to drive up and pick up the girl from her Girl Scout meeting. Time with my bear is good. Sitting in the car is icky.

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