Sunday Part 2

shad­owkatt and I had nice snug­gles while eat­ing break­fast, but she end­ed up being a lit­tle late for her ride to Girl Scouts as a result. They were very kind and wait­ed for her, though. Have I men­tioned that her GS leader is a mar­velous all-around person?

I’m wad­ing through the mess o’ pills I’m sup­posed to swal­low each morn­ing (yes, I know it’s after­noon, I got up late and pro­cras­ti­nat­ed tak­ing them). I was­n’t real­ly tak­ing my vitamins/supplements reg­u­lar­ly because open­ing all those bot­tles was too much trou­ble. They won’t fit in a pill­box, either. So on Thurs­day I final­ly sat down and put them into small snack-size Ziplock bags. Now I have a set of bags for morn­ing meds and one for evening meds.

Just Morn­ings:
Effex­or XR
B‑vitamins for stress
Lysine and L‑Arginine1I’m not sure why I’m tak­ing those two, oth­er than the fact that Sam read/heard some­thing and felt they’d be help­ful, so he asked me to do so. SAMe
Cal­ci­um-Mag­ne­sium (2 horse pills)
Glu­cosamine-Chon­droitin-MSM (4 horse pills)2I’m real­ly sup­posed to be tak­ing Cele­brex, Ske­lax­in, Ultram, Glu­cophage, and BC pills. I don’t have them and haven’t had them for a while, though. The total cost for all the stuff I’m sup­posed to be tak­ing (just RXs, not sup­ple­ments) would be $1280.48/month, accord­ing to

Edit: I for­got the antihistamine/decongestant and Aleve.

10 bot­tles were just too many to con­tem­plate. It’s eas­i­er now. Except for the swal­low­ing part. Sam says that even though I feel full after all those pills, they don’t count as breakfast.

I’m hop­ing that my pain/stiffness/fatigue will improve with tak­ing the stuff more con­sis­tent­ly. I have had good effects from the G‑C-M and Cal/Mag com­bi­na­tions in the past. I can’t remem­ber how long it took for them to real­ly kick in, though.

Putting the meds in the Ziplock bags is one of the things I iden­ti­fied on Thurs­day that I could do to try to improve my health. It did­n’t cost any­thing and does­n’t depend on whether or not I have health insur­ance, so I did it.

I also start­ed actu­al­ly read­ing Fibromyal­gia and Chron­ic Myofas­cial Pain: A Sur­vival Man­u­al 2nd Edi­tion by Devin Star­lanyl instead of just look­ing up things from time to time. I’ve zoned out on the “per­pet­u­at­ing fac­tors” stuff in the past because there are just so many! I’m try­ing to actu­al­ly make notes now, and work on my own “wellness/recovery plan.”

I think I’m going to put the Guide to the Trig­ger Points video on my birthday/Christmas wish list (well, if I actu­al­ly make one).

Any­way, it’s about time to go get ready to dri­ve up and pick up the girl from her Girl Scout meet­ing. Time with my bear is good. Sit­ting in the car is icky.

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