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I’ve just begun the process of withdrawing from my courses and requesting that I be given an “incomplete” grade for each of them so that what I have done this semester won’t be wasted.

My three professors are meeting briefly after the general staff meeting today to discuss my situation. I was able to talk to two of them, but not the third. The professor I have for two courses has already said he’ll work with me, so that’s one less worry.

I just realized that I’m worrying more and more over school stuff, putting more energy into the worrying than into accomplishing anything. The stress makes the whole FMS flare worse, and I’m in a serious downward spiral. Of course, the depression kicks in and makes it all even worse.

My first instinct was to drop everything, just quit and withdraw from everything I’m doing and hide. I’ve done it in the past. It doesn’t help in the long run. I’m trying to be more reasonable about this now.

Since I let the Social Security disability application process lapse before because it was so overwhelming, I’m going to go ahead and start it again, but with a difference—I’m just going to contact one of the law firms that handle such things and ask them to run with it. I don’t have the energy to do it myself, but I need to do it to get access to health care on a regular basis without worrying about whether or not I can hold down a “normal” job.

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