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A response to hopeevey:
Question of the Day: List 5 people you admire. What traits do they have that you can cultivate (or wish you could cultivate) in yourself?

I’m largely with waya on this one. I admire all of the people with whom I choose to associate, or I wouldn’t make that choice. That’s one of the ways I’ve come to take care of myself 🙂

As far as specific things I admire about five specific people…

1) sambear‘s friendliness, childlike sense of play and wonder, and ability to be loving and sweet to just about everybody
2) curiousmay9‘s astonishing planning and productivity
3) wordcandlemage‘s self-discipline and breadth of accomplishments
4) keiracaitlyn‘s devotion to her path and giving nature
5) ga_sunshine‘s dedication to loving all children and giving them a safe place in her home as a foster parent

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