Damn. I don’t think it’s possible for me to get caught up on LJ. And I hate not being able to read everybody’s entries. I feel like a bad friend. I wish they’d use some word other than “friend” for the list. Yes, I use filters. I still feel guilty for not reading all those entries! I’m sorry!

Um, anyway…I think ADD is contagious. I can’t focus on my homework.

I don’t know where the printer paper is, and I need to find it or I can’t finish printing out stuff for school tomorrow. I’m actively soliciting any reasonably functional printer. The laser printer keeps jamming and is feeding the paper just a wee bit more canted each time, and chewing the edges of some pages. The inkjet is a paperweight, as it will not feed paper at all. It looks as though it was probably dropped during the move, as there’s a little piece missing on one side.

I did a paper on fibromyalgia directed to college faculty and staff for my tech writing paper. I don’t know what the teacher thinks of it yet, but I’m thinking about putting it in a PDF, doing a companion piece for students with FMS, and putting them on my website.

I’m much happier now than I was earlier. I know goddessinga and greyknight‘s earlier posts are part of it. I love both of you 🙂

I really need to develop a routine to keep me organized for school. Seriously. But I feel funny about it because there’s so much unpacking left to do! I don’t function well in a messy space.

Okay, sleep now!

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