Birthday Boy & Nattering

Happy Birth­day word­can­dlemage!

We spent a lot of today dri­ving around, so I haven’t been online and prob­a­bly won’t get time to read your posts—sorry!

shad­owkatt got her tri­al con­tact lens­es and incred­i­bly cool new glass­es today. curiousmay9’s truck (which she’d sweet­ly loaned to us) there, because we found that it was leak­ing brake flu­id. We met curiousmay9 for din­ner, and I went home with her for a vis­it while sam­bear went to fin­ish help­ing M set up her new PC.

curiousmay9’s newest feline, Wiz­ard, is teething. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, he’s hav­ing trou­ble learn­ing that peo­ple are not chew toys. I absolute­ly shocked him by bit­ing back twice. It cer­tain­ly got his atten­tion, and curiousmay9 is going to start doing the same thing since he’s been real­ly hard-head­ed about bit­ing humans.

Tomor­row is going to entail even more dri­ving. I need to remem­ber to take the mus­cle relax­ants with me (for use only when Sam is driving).

Oh—now the Nor­ton Antivirus 2004 CD has joined the assort­ment of Impor­tant Stuff in the hid­den dimen­sion­al pock­et. Growl!

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