How Do You Use Chat Programs?

I’m curious about how you use instant messaging programs.

If I don’t wanna talk to ANYBODY, I probably won’t have an IM program open at all.

When I do have one open, I’m usually invisible, because I’m seldom up to speaking to as many people as I will hear from if I am visible. It’s not that I’m unfriendly or don’t like you—I honestly just don’t have enough energy for a lot of conversations. It’s that damned introversion again. I also feel like shit if I say, “Look, I don’t really feel like talking.”

One reason I really don’t like AIM much is that I can’t be invisible. I’ll be much more likely to use it regularly when/if they ever fix that. Since AIM and ICQ share a protocol, I know that it’s possible and shouldn’t really be difficult.

I don’t understand leaving an IM program open and yourself signed on if you’re asleep, not even present, or are using an away message warning everybody in the world that messages are NOT welcome. Why not just sign off?

I’m not attacking anyone, just genuinely curious.

Thank you.

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