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We’ve had an absolutely lovely weekend together. I didn’t get my dark chocolate, but I did get something better 🙂

I took the hard drive out of my machine for reasons I won’t go into right now. Now that machine won’t boot from its floppy or CD drives, and the hard drive isn’t bootable at the moment. The floppy and CD run off a completely different controller than the hard drive, and I didn’t touch a thing that has to do with them. Grrr!

So I’m about to turn off Sam’s PC, put my hard drive on it to format the drive so it’s bootable, then put it back in my machine. And it better work after that!

We’re in the middle of upgrading the server to Red Hat 9 as well since Samba had stopped working and it went weird.

We got Katie back from her visit with her friend. Unfortunately, C’s parents did not let us keep her for a few days as planned, because they need her to watch infant R while they finish their move. R is so cute—and growing so fast!

sambear drove Katie to her Girl Scout meeting. I’ve gotten so ridiculously sensitive to milk that the little bit used in preparing scrambled eggs this morning caused problems that would make a long drive less than wise. His cell phone is out of area for most of that trip, so any of you sending text messages or calling him won’t be able to reach him ’til this evening.

He was in the middle of putting the water filter on the line for the icemaker when he left. That job turned into a much bigger deal than was planned because the water line back there mightily resisted being turned off, and the fittings that came with the filter aren’t going on the line properly. The water is off now, and he’ll try again after he returns. He’s so wonderful 🙂

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