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We’ve had an absolute­ly love­ly week­end togeth­er. I did­n’t get my dark choco­late, but I did get some­thing better 🙂

I took the hard dri­ve out of my machine for rea­sons I won’t go into right now. Now that machine won’t boot from its flop­py or CD dri­ves, and the hard dri­ve isn’t bootable at the moment. The flop­py and CD run off a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent con­troller than the hard dri­ve, and I did­n’t touch a thing that has to do with them. Grrr!

So I’m about to turn off Sam’s PC, put my hard dri­ve on it to for­mat the dri­ve so it’s bootable, then put it back in my machine. And it bet­ter work after that!

We’re in the mid­dle of upgrad­ing the serv­er to Red Hat 9 as well since Sam­ba had stopped work­ing and it went weird.

We got Katie back from her vis­it with her friend. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, C’s par­ents did not let us keep her for a few days as planned, because they need her to watch infant R while they fin­ish their move. R is so cute—and grow­ing so fast!

sam­bear drove Katie to her Girl Scout meet­ing. I’ve got­ten so ridicu­lous­ly sen­si­tive to milk that the lit­tle bit used in prepar­ing scram­bled eggs this morn­ing caused prob­lems that would make a long dri­ve less than wise. His cell phone is out of area for most of that trip, so any of you send­ing text mes­sages or call­ing him won’t be able to reach him ’til this evening.

He was in the mid­dle of putting the water fil­ter on the line for the ice­mak­er when he left. That job turned into a much big­ger deal than was planned because the water line back there might­i­ly resist­ed being turned off, and the fit­tings that came with the fil­ter aren’t going on the line prop­er­ly. The water is off now, and he’ll try again after he returns. He’s so wonderful 🙂

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