Problems With the Schooling System

Fin­gers are point­ed at var­i­ous aspects of the school­ing system—overcrowded class­rooms, lack of fund­ing, teach­ers who can’t pass com­pe­ten­cy exams in their fields, etc. But these are just sec­ondary prob­lems. Even if they were cleared up, schools would still suck. Why? Because they were designed to. How can I make such a bold state­ment? How […]

Reclaiming a Stitched Piece

Oh! waya remind­ed me of a stitch­ing bit I meant to share! I actu­al­ly did every­thing but the back­stitch­ing on this alpha­bet piece for Katie’s nurs­ery. Three months before she was born, her father informed me that he hat­ed it and did­n’t want it hang­ing in his house, so I stopped work­ing on it. I went […]

Weekend, Geekery, & More

We’ve had an absolute­ly love­ly week­end togeth­er. I did­n’t get my dark choco­late, but I did get some­thing bet­ter :-) I took the hard dri­ve out of my machine for rea­sons I won’t go into right now. Now that machine won’t boot from its flop­py or CD dri­ves, and the hard dri­ve isn’t bootable at the […]

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