PDA Woes

I have to return my PDA to Palm yet again because its bat­tery still won’t charge. We nev­er did find the pow­er adapter for the cra­dle, so we bought anoth­er and returned it when it still did­n’t work. And we tried a third-par­ty prod­uct that’s sup­posed to allow sync­ing and recharg­ing via USB with­out a cra­dle, as well as recharg­ing in the car-still no joy.

So back it goes, and I’ll wait for them to return it again. When they do, I’ll STILL need a pow­er adapter.

I don’t sup­pose any of you have a spare pow­er adapter for a Palm cra­dle, do you? I don’t hon­est­ly want to spend the $20 Palm wants to buy a new one, and it seems that they are pro­pri­etary in some way—you can’t just replace them with anoth­er charg­er with the same volt­age. (US Robot­ics modems are sim­i­lar, in my experience—you MUST use one of their pow­er adapters.) I hate spend­ing $30 on a new cra­dle to get a new adapter, too.

I was real­ly look­ing for­ward to actu­al­ly using my PDA to keep up with school stuff when class­es resume on Monday!

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