Smoking Legislation

Bill Bans Smoking in Cars With Kids

I have mixed feelings about this legislation. I remember all too well what it’s like to be stuck in a car with a smoker for many hours, and I’m fairly certain that some of my respiratory problems are related to smoke exposure during my childhood.

But if we’re going to say, “You can’t smoke around minors” then why not say, “PERIOD” instead of “in the car” as this legislation would? Because the little guys can’t decide to go live somewhere else or walk out of their parents’ abode, can they?

In fact, why stop at age 4? Secondhand smoke is dangerous, period. People who don’t choose to smoke shouldn’t have to accept the health risk caused by smokers. It’s illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under 17 in Georgia, so why not make it illegal to smoke in the presence of anyone under 17 too?

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