Running Around

I need to do lots of running around today‐ugh. But I did remember to eat breakfast this time, which is good. And to take the Lactaid BEFORE having milk with my cereal 🙂

We’ve been closing the dryer door with duct tape ever since the boy broke the latch many, many moons ago. I finally got the part from Sears yesterday and Sam fixed it in under five minutes last night. I don’t know why I didn’t think of getting that part before‐silly me!

The kitten is still off visiting family. She’s in high demand‐I feel like her social secretary at times!

Friday night we’re having dinner here with grizzlydan and keiracaitlyn. Saturday night we’re headed to A&J’s home so that Sam can cook dinner for them and we can beg forgiveness for not having made it to the filk at their place last weekend.

We’ll get R&G back this Sunday, finally.

I’m rather looking forward to Monday so I can rest from the weekend 🙂

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