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Edit/Warning: Posting when very sleepy can lead to “irreparable invalid markup” issues. It was a stray period. It looked fine in SEMagic’s preview, but LJ didn’t like it. Sorry!

Should you need them, traditional Romanian vampire-slaying methods are related in this news story.

Grrr. There was a GORGEOUS cocktail dress listed on eBay earlier this week in my size and in some of my favorite colors. I couldn’t justify buying it, because it was too glittery to wear for Matt’s wedding. I decided that it might be overkill for the MindSpring Reunion, but hey, I’d like it, right? And now I can’t find it! WAAAAHHHHH!

So I have learned an important law of eBay—if you want it, or MIGHT want it, BID ON IT!

I have a lovely school-girl skirt that was a surprise from sambear, and as of tonight, my sweet little Mary Janes are on the way. I still need a white blouse with a Peter Pan collar and a black cardigan, and I’ll have a costume ready whenever there’s an occasion to wear one 🙂

Today I dressed entirely in clothing that Sam picked out and bought for me, right down to the undies. I didn’t plan it that way but realized it after picking him up from work.

I really need to hit Silver Lining for bras again. Lots more. I never have enough bras, and those that I have right now are absolutely shameful.

The speech went quite well. There were three grades for it—visual aids, presentation, and written outline. The professor’s remarks truly didn’t make sense (as usual), but he did give me two As and a B, so I’m happy. shadowkatt assisted as my visual aide 🙂

It was funny—the visual aid that the professor really, really liked was a last-minute thing. We have a laminated wall map that shows the US on one side and the whole world on the other. Neither side is labeled because it was designed to be used for drilling geography facts. I wrote in the number of electoral college votes each state has. Katie held it up since it absolutely will not lay flat and there wasn’t an easel, anyway. He just kept on and on talking about the map and telling us about a game he plays during long drives involving license plates and electoral college votes.

I found it interesting that the prof didn’t so much as blink to have a total stranger walk into the class and take a seat. He never asked who she was. I did introduce her later, though.

There’s only one speech left for the speech class. We were supposed to do debates, but the professor has decided that we’re to do persuasive speeches, instead. I know that I had a good idea for a topic on Tuesday, and now it’s totally gone.

I was supposed to do another presentation in the psych/religion class next week. The professors have let so many people slide on presenting their topics on their assigned days that they’ve run out of time to do all of them! Now we CAN do a second presentation, but it’ll just be for extra credit. Since that and attendance/discussion are the only basis for our grades, I figure I might go ahead and be ready to do a presentation if there’s time. I’m certain that someone won’t show, so I should get to do mine. I was going to talk about parenting as a spiritual practice, but I don’t think I can pull on the psych side strongly enough, so I’m switching to fundamentalism.

I need to push through some literature catch up and do a lot of last semester’s stuff.

The kitten has gone to visit mayremi I miss her, but I don’t miss the loud, angry music she’s been partial to (at times) lately. I’m cool with her listening to it as long as I don’t have to! She does still listen to things like the Chicago soundtrack, Beatles albums, and Gaia Consort too, thankfully.

I must go take off my contacts and make-up while I’m still “just barely” awake enough to do so. Nitey-nite!

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