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Edit/Warning: Post­ing when very sleepy can lead to “irrepara­ble invalid markup” issues. It was a stray peri­od. It looked fine in SEMag­ic’s pre­view, but LJ did­n’t like it. Sorry!

Should you need them, tra­di­tion­al Roman­ian vam­pire-slay­ing meth­ods are relat­ed in this news story.

Grrr. There was a GORGEOUS cock­tail dress list­ed on eBay ear­li­er this week in my size and in some of my favorite col­ors. I could­n’t jus­ti­fy buy­ing it, because it was too glit­tery to wear for Mat­t’s wed­ding. I decid­ed that it might be overkill for the Mind­Spring Reunion, but hey, I’d like it, right? And now I can’t find it! WAAAAHHHHH!

So I have learned an impor­tant law of eBay—if you want it, or MIGHT want it, BID ON IT!

I have a love­ly school-girl skirt that was a sur­prise from sam­bear, and as of tonight, my sweet lit­tle Mary Janes are on the way. I still need a white blouse with a Peter Pan col­lar and a black cardi­gan, and I’ll have a cos­tume ready when­ev­er there’s an occa­sion to wear one 🙂

Today I dressed entire­ly in cloth­ing that Sam picked out and bought for me, right down to the undies. I did­n’t plan it that way but real­ized it after pick­ing him up from work.

I real­ly need to hit Sil­ver Lin­ing for bras again. Lots more. I nev­er have enough bras, and those that I have right now are absolute­ly shameful.

The speech went quite well. There were three grades for it—visual aids, pre­sen­ta­tion, and writ­ten out­line. The pro­fes­sor’s remarks tru­ly did­n’t make sense (as usu­al), but he did give me two As and a B, so I’m hap­py. shad­owkatt assist­ed as my visu­al aide 🙂

It was funny—the visu­al aid that the pro­fes­sor real­ly, real­ly liked was a last-minute thing. We have a lam­i­nat­ed wall map that shows the US on one side and the whole world on the oth­er. Nei­ther side is labeled because it was designed to be used for drilling geog­ra­phy facts. I wrote in the num­ber of elec­toral col­lege votes each state has. Katie held it up since it absolute­ly will not lay flat and there was­n’t an easel, any­way. He just kept on and on talk­ing about the map and telling us about a game he plays dur­ing long dri­ves involv­ing license plates and elec­toral col­lege votes.

I found it inter­est­ing that the prof did­n’t so much as blink to have a total stranger walk into the class and take a seat. He nev­er asked who she was. I did intro­duce her lat­er, though.

There’s only one speech left for the speech class. We were sup­posed to do debates, but the pro­fes­sor has decid­ed that we’re to do per­sua­sive speech­es, instead. I know that I had a good idea for a top­ic on Tues­day, and now it’s total­ly gone.

I was sup­posed to do anoth­er pre­sen­ta­tion in the psych/religion class next week. The pro­fes­sors have let so many peo­ple slide on pre­sent­ing their top­ics on their assigned days that they’ve run out of time to do all of them! Now we CAN do a sec­ond pre­sen­ta­tion, but it’ll just be for extra cred­it. Since that and attendance/discussion are the only basis for our grades, I fig­ure I might go ahead and be ready to do a pre­sen­ta­tion if there’s time. I’m cer­tain that some­one won’t show, so I should get to do mine. I was going to talk about par­ent­ing as a spir­i­tu­al prac­tice, but I don’t think I can pull on the psych side strong­ly enough, so I’m switch­ing to fundamentalism.

I need to push through some lit­er­a­ture catch up and do a lot of last semes­ter’s stuff.

The kit­ten has gone to vis­it mayre­mi I miss her, but I don’t miss the loud, angry music she’s been par­tial to (at times) late­ly. I’m cool with her lis­ten­ing to it as long as I don’t have to! She does still lis­ten to things like the Chica­go sound­track, Bea­t­les albums, and Gaia Con­sort too, thankfully.

I must go take off my con­tacts and make-up while I’m still “just bare­ly” awake enough to do so. Nitey-nite!

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