Me Speak Pretty

Edit/Warning: Post­ing when very sleepy can lead to “irrepara­ble invalid markup” issues. It was a stray peri­od. It looked fine in SEMag­ic’s pre­view, but LJ did­n’t like it. Sor­ry! Should you need them, tra­di­tion­al Roman­ian vam­pire-slay­ing meth­ods are relat­ed in this…

Move Update!

Satur­day morn­ing: pulling cable. If you have knowledge/equipment/experience/sheer will­ing­ness to try it, we’re doing it Sat­ur­day morn­ing (hope­ful­ly in the coolth of the morn­ing). shad­owkatt was going to be our des­ig­nat­ed skin­ny per­son for get­ting into small spaces, but she’s…

MindSpring Reunion

Other for­mer MindSpringers—have you got­ten the invi­ta­tion to the 10-year reunion par­ty? It’s May 1. I added an LJ feed for the mes­sage board: mind­spring­par­ty Edit: It’s for for­mer employees—unless y’all want to come as a date 🙂

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