Me Speak Pretty

Edit/Warning: Posting when very sleepy can lead to “irreparable invalid markup” issues. It was a stray period. It looked fine in SEMagic’s preview, but LJ didn’t like it. Sorry! Should you need them, traditional Romanian vampire-slaying methods are related in…

Move Update!

Saturday morning: pulling cable. If you have knowledge/equipment/experience/sheer willingness to try it, we’re doing it Saturday morning (hopefully in the coolth of the morning). shadowkatt was going to be our designated skinny person for getting into small spaces, but she’s…

MindSpring Reunion

Other former MindSpringers—have you gotten the invitation to the 10-year reunion party? It’s May 1. I added an LJ feed for the message board: mindspringparty Edit: It’s for former employees—unless y’all want to come as a date 🙂

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