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I won­der if I could ever learn to draw? I can’t even do rec­og­niz­able stick fig­ures now.

I haven’t done my morn­ing pages yet, and it’s after­noon. Not good. I woke up with a migraine for the first time in quite a while. That’s my excuse. Not that it’s okay with me, and I’m the per­son I have to please.

I’m near­ly out of Cele­brex, so I cut my dose in half—and I’m hav­ing trou­ble mov­ing around again. I guess it does more good than I real­ized? Must get that refilled!

I did man­age to get the kitchen pret­ty much clean last night, right down to step one of shin­ing my sink a la Fly­La­dy’s Sink Reflec­tions (bor­rowed from a friend). The laun­dry is caught up. Even the new glass­es we bought are washed and put away.

sam­bear installed a fantab­u­lous faucet and sink sprayer! We need to get an adapter so that we can use the water fil­ter with said faucet, but that should just require a trip to Home Depot. And he got one of the ceil­ing fans installed! Woo hoo! He is becom­ing quite the handyman 🙂

I miss my man today, though-he’s down at Cen­ten­ni­al Park play­ing with fire­works. And I can’t even get the TV to come on to see him!

The ceil­ing fans-oh, we got a great deal on two of them at Home Depot a few weeks back-have a pack­ag­ing prob­lem. They have five fan blades, but each box only includ­ed four blade brack­ets. On the parts list, the brack­ets are item four. I’m fair­ly sure that caused con­fu­sion with the parts pack­ers. I’ll have to go back to Home Depot to get two more brack­ets from yet anoth­er box before we can install the one for the bed­room. There’s a pack­age insert that admon­ish­es us NOT to go back to the store for such needs, but I am not hon­est­ly will­ing to wait until a day when their com­pa­ny is open so that I can con­vince some­one to snail mail the required parts.

Oh-the fans have a nifty remote con­trol, too!

We have two fans for two of the small­er bed­rooms and still need a third. Those don’t have remotes, but they do have light kits. There are no over­head lights in the bed­rooms in this apart­ment, so that’s important.

Ooo! What a sweet­heart! I called Home Depot, and while it took a LONG time to get the main phone answered, I was imme­di­ate­ly trans­ferred to the light­ing depart­ment and spoke with the depart­ment man­ag­er, Mahlon. He said if I come up there he’ll give me the brack­ets and anoth­er light globe (one was shat­tered). I don’t even have to find my receipt! I knew there was a rea­son I shop there more than at Lowe’s (okay, oth­er than the fact that HD is part of the cor­po­ra­tion for which Dad­dy works).

I’m going to be rebuild­ing my PC today. Not one but TWO Tro­jans got through NAV some­how. I’m not hap­py at all. In fact, I’m con­sid­er­ing switch­ing to anoth­er prod­uct after years of Nor­ton loy­al­ty. I’m look­ing at AVG and sev­er­al oth­ers. I’m won­der­ing whether or not adding a sep­a­rate prod­uct to fight Tro­jans is wise too, though.

Yes, I do like Lin­ux a great deal. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, some of my course­work requires that I use Win­dows soft­ware like Dreamweaver. I’m won­der­ing if we need an antivirus pro­gram on the Lin­ux serv­er too, to be hon­est. And I’m con­sid­er­ing going from the cur­rent ver­sion of Sam­ba to Sam­ba TNG since I don’t have enough to do (snerk).

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