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I wonder if I could ever learn to draw? I can’t even do recognizable stick figures now.

I haven’t done my morning pages yet, and it’s afternoon. Not good. I woke up with a migraine for the first time in quite a while. That’s my excuse. Not that it’s okay with me, and I’m the person I have to please.

I’m nearly out of Celebrex, so I cut my dose in half—and I’m having trouble moving around again. I guess it does more good than I realized? Must get that refilled!

I did manage to get the kitchen pretty much clean last night, right down to step one of shining my sink a la FlyLady’s Sink Reflections (borrowed from a friend). The laundry is caught up. Even the new glasses we bought are washed and put away.

sambear installed a fantabulous faucet and sink sprayer! We need to get an adapter so that we can use the water filter with said faucet, but that should just require a trip to Home Depot. And he got one of the ceiling fans installed! Woo hoo! He is becoming quite the handyman 🙂

I miss my man today, though‐he’s down at Centennial Park playing with fireworks. And I can’t even get the TV to come on to see him!

The ceiling fans‐oh, we got a great deal on two of them at Home Depot a few weeks back‐have a packaging problem. They have five fan blades, but each box only included four blade brackets. On the parts list, the brackets are item four. I’m fairly sure that caused confusion with the parts packers. I’ll have to go back to Home Depot to get two more brackets from yet another box before we can install the one for the bedroom. There’s a package insert that admonishes us NOT to go back to the store for such needs, but I am not honestly willing to wait until a day when their company is open so that I can convince someone to snail mail the required parts.

Oh‐the fans have a nifty remote control, too!

We have two fans for two of the smaller bedrooms and still need a third. Those don’t have remotes, but they do have light kits. There are no overhead lights in the bedrooms in this apartment, so that’s important.

Ooo! What a sweetheart! I called Home Depot, and while it took a LONG time to get the main phone answered, I was immediately transferred to the lighting department and spoke with the department manager, Mahlon. He said if I come up there he’ll give me the brackets and another light globe (one was shattered). I don’t even have to find my receipt! I knew there was a reason I shop there more than at Lowe’s (okay, other than the fact that HD is part of the corporation for which Daddy works).

I’m going to be rebuilding my PC today. Not one but TWO Trojans got through NAV somehow. I’m not happy at all. In fact, I’m considering switching to another product after years of Norton loyalty. I’m looking at AVG and several others. I’m wondering whether or not adding a separate product to fight Trojans is wise too, though.

Yes, I do like Linux a great deal. Unfortunately, some of my coursework requires that I use Windows software like Dreamweaver. I’m wondering if we need an antivirus program on the Linux server too, to be honest. And I’m considering going from the current version of Samba to Samba TNG since I don’t have enough to do (snerk).

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