First Artist’s Date

Ack! I keep hearing that icky sound that indicates that there’s a phone off the hook somewhere, right at the edge of my hearing. But there certainly isn’t a phone off the hook anywhere here. I don’t know if it’s just an auditory hallucination or if the upstairs neighbors have found a new way to be annoying. One would think that if I were going off my rocker, I’d find something more interesting to hallucinate about than a telephone.

Anyway, I went out to get the missing blade brackets for the ceiling fan and realized that Sam had my gate card. So, I could have gotten all pissed off, and I honestly wasn’t very sweet when I left a message on his cell phone. I decided, though, that since he won’t be home ’til the wee hours of the morning anyway, and shadowkatt is off celebrating with my family, it was A Sign. I went ahead and had my Artist’s Date (another Artist’s Way thing) because I’d been avoiding even thinking about it.

My inner child (Cindy) and I went off to Barnes & Noble. I looked at pretty journals and stationery and such and found myself by the puzzle books. I discovered a desire to do some acrostics. Unfortunately, there were no suitable books or magazines that just had acrostics, so that desire will be shelved for another week’s date. We wandered around the store and I found that Cindy wanted to look at very different sorts of books than those I normally peruse and purchase.

Sam called, having gotten my message about the keycard. He was abjectly apologetic. While speaking to him, I kept wandering and started pulling books about history, fibromyalgia, and education off the shelves to look at. Cindy waited ’til I was off the phone, then said “I thought this was MY time? I don’t like those books!” Okay, back they went. Off to the coloring books it was. She didn’t like most of them, because they were sneakily educational. As we left the children’s section I started looking at the homeschooling books and, more loudly this time, she said, “No!” right then and there.

We went to the art section next and ended up buying a copy of Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad. That was somewhat surprising. I picked up the latest version of Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain and a few others, but Cindy preferred Draw Squad so that’s what we bought. She really wanted the calligraphy set that was on the clearance table, but we couldn’t spend ALL the money. I did grab a copy of Sage Woman magazine, which was okay with her as long as I didn’t start reading it then, a copy of the latest Teen Voices for Katie, and a book from the clearance table that I recalled seeing on curiousmay9‘s Amazon wish list.

Next, we found the nearest Michael’s. We arrived at 5:55, and they were closing at 6. Whoops! We were out by 6:05, though, with a lovely sketchpad, some new markers, and one of those fuzzy poster things that caught Cindy’s fancy. (One of these days I want a really NICE set of markers, but the ones I’d want are way expensive. And those Prismacolor pencils—I want!)

Oh! I also have a basket that was on clearance at Pier One to hold my pretties and sit next to my recliner. I do love baskets. Somewhere around here, I have a series of three cross-stitch patterns featuring cats, baskets, and quilts that I will eventually stitch. Really.

I had a nice phone conversation with curiousmay9, who narrated the parade in Decatur to me as I drove about aimlessly. I was simply exploring, starting to get my bearings in the area. Gwinnett is easy for me—my family moved there in 1977 and I learned to drive there, so I know all the back ways. Being in a new area but still near Atlanta is a little odd. I just don’t know where anything is! But I’ll learn. I do need to pick up a new map book for the car, though—mine was outdated, so I tossed it when it got water damaged.

Home now. I got in without the gate card by thinking creatively. Now I’m having leftover Chinese food—mmmm! I’ve talked with sambear a bit. He’s just waiting for dark when the fireworks will actually be fired. They have to hang around to clean up afterward, so he’ll be REALLY late. Then he may go help mique_mique with a computer emergency. If he does, I figure it would be best if he just stays over there, and comes home Saturday morning. As tired as he’ll be, I don’t know that I’d trust him to troubleshoot my PC! And I wouldn’t want him driving further at that point. I’m not sure what time gamers are arriving Saturday, to be honest. Hopefully, he’d make it before or with them 🙂

I really should do more housecleaning, but I wanna color!

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