Borders & Pain

Well, we accidentally ended up at Borders during the Harry Potter hooha. sambear, curiousmay9, C and I went to look at house porn, then realized what day it was when we saw all the traffic. It was LOUD in there! But we got some good ideas, and I picked up The Fibromyalgia Advocate and The New Messies Manual.

No, we didn’t get a copy of OotP. None of us—including 12-year-old C—were all that interested. I think we may have been the only people in the store who weren’t, though. I’m sure we’ll all read it eventually.

I tripped last night and set off a new round of muscle spasms and pain. Poo. I’m hoping that they’ll go away soon, but I may have to take it easy today. I’ve really been enjoying having so much more energy and less pain, and I may have overdone it yesterday.

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