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Fibromyalgia Pain Revealed

Susan Aldridge, PhD

A brain imaging study shows that the pain response in fibromyalgia is real, and differs from normal pain.
Fibromyalgia is a mysterious disorder, where people feel tenderness and stiffness in various parts of the body for no obvious reason. They may also suffer from fatigue, headaches, gastrointestinal problems and depression. But some doctors are sceptical of the physical basis of fibromyalgia and believe it is a manifestation of a psychological problem.

A new study suggests that fibromyalgia is not ‘all in the mind’ however. Researchers in the US carried out functional magnetic resonance imaging studies on the brains of people with the disorder, comparing them with healthy controls. Even a mild stimulus, like squeezing the hand, caused a clear pain response in those with fibromyalgia. The grip had to be much stronger to cause pain in the controls. It looks as if fibromyalgia involves an enhanced sensitivity to pain. What’s more, different brain regions were active in fibromyalgia – opening up new possibilities in understanding this difficult condition.

Arthritis & Rheumatism June 2002

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