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Wow—this is an earworm first for me. So I’ll share it.

I like traffic lights,
I like traffic lights,
I like traffic lights,
No matter where they’ve been.

Now that I’ve been needlessly cruel…There’s a huge mosquito hawk on the wall in front of my desk. I’ll leave it, in case any skeeters get in.

I’m absolutely giddy with the relative lack of pain. It’s tempting to get up and do everything I’ve been wanting to do and haven’t been able to, but I know I’ll crash badly if I do that. But it’s tempting!

So I’ll be dropping some classes. I have to figure out which ones. Ancient history, unfortunately, will be one—but I absolutely want to take it in the fall. I want to keep the computer class, even though it’s on Monday evenings, simply because the professor is so cool. I need to find out if the registration for the online geography class at Kennesaw ever went through—it’s been in limbo. Because it would be way easier, physically, than any face-to-face class. And they didn’t start until this week, so I wouldn’t have missed much at all.

I really don’t want to drop the TCOM class. I’m very depressed about that. But it’s a really compressed course, just five weeks, and I’ve probably missed too much. But I am going to try to work out something with the professor anyway.

I sent a fairly scathing letter to the VP of student enrollment and services yesterday about the financial aid runaround. They’re STILL screwing me over, and I’m just done with it. I had called him before and got no action, so this time it’s a letter‐I also faxed a copy to the director of financial aid. Most of the financial aid people were in meetings for much of today. I hope to hear actual results tomorrow sometime.

See, since last week the people in the FA office have been telling me that nothing, absolutely nothing, can happen until I have the letter that was snail-mailed to me in my hands. Nothing. Then the FA director wanted to know why I hadn’t come in to accept my awards, or done so on the web. 1) I haven’t been given the ability to do so on the web—I’ve checked. 2) I was told not to come in until I got that letter in the mail. Well, at any time, the staff there could have printed out another copy of the award and had me sign a form, and then I would have had money in my hands this week. Now it’ll be at least another week. They lied, outright.

We borrowed copperscale‘s son today. He’s grown into a truly interesting and pleasant person in the past few years. He and Katie have been swimming and now they’re going through all the games we’ve got around here. They say they’ll go back outside again after it cools off a bit.

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