Good Food, Good Company, Good Movie

Today’s sam­bear quote: “I had to clean the kitchen before I could make eggs because it was just too dis­gust­ing. Do you see what you’ve done to me?” I rev­el in my victory 🙂

Rela­tion­ship LLC—very inter­est­ing stuff. I’m sav­ing it to peruse more deeply later.

Aston­ish­ing Uber Girl Scout mom and leader Katy picked our Katie up to go to choir prac­tice yes­ter­day, sav­ing us yet anoth­er long dri­ve. She and her sweet girls went swim­ming with Katie after we returned, then we had a nice vis­it. I got the paper­work done to re-reg­is­ter Katie, me and Sam for this com­ing year, so now I just need to find lit­tle­fire­fae’s forms.

Sam and I had a nice cud­dle time and got a lot done towards estab­lish­ing order in our bed­room. He fixed the stitch­ing chair so that it’s even bet­ter than before! And he got the net­work cable into our bed­room, and a PC set up in there. We still need to work on the bed­rooms on the oth­er end of the apart­ment, but they’ll be more dif­fi­cult. I still need to hack the reg­istry on the XP machine to make it join the Sam­ba domain properly.

He made a pas­ta dish with a name I can’t ever remem­ber for lunch. It was good. Then he did lasagna for dinner—even bet­ter. And he baked choco­late-chip cookies.

We watched Dan­ger­ous Beau­ty with curiousmay9 last night. I rent­ed it because I thought Sam would like it, based on some­one’s rec­om­men­da­tion. I’m not a big movie buff. I was enrap­tured. I want to see it again. 

We did­n’t let Katie watch it with us because of the sex­u­al con­tent. After see­ing it, we’ve decid­ed that Katie can watch it if she likes, but we’ll need to dis­cuss the adult issues it rais­es. It’s incred­i­ble. It was­n’t porno­graph­ic, although there was pret­ty explic­it sex—it was just part of the whole story.

Love­ly cud­dling. Fresh-from-the-oven choco­late. Num­my food. Ambush by an excel­lent movie.

Katie got social time at choir and with her friends at the pool, then spent sev­er­al hours run­ning around with her new friends here at the complex.

Yep, Sun­day was way good!

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