Good Food, Good Company, Good Movie

Today’s sambear quote: “I had to clean the kitchen before I could make eggs because it was just too disgusting. Do you see what you’ve done to me?” I revel in my victory 🙂

Relationship LLC—very interesting stuff. I’m saving it to peruse more deeply later.

Astonishing Uber Girl Scout mom and leader Katy picked our Katie up to go to choir practice yesterday, saving us yet another long drive. She and her sweet girls went swimming with Katie after we returned, then we had a nice visit. I got the paperwork done to re-register Katie, me and Sam for this coming year, so now I just need to find littlefirefae‘s forms.

Sam and I had a nice cuddle time and got a lot done towards establishing order in our bedroom. He fixed the stitching chair so that it’s even better than before! And he got the network cable into our bedroom, and a PC set up in there. We still need to work on the bedrooms on the other end of the apartment, but they’ll be more difficult. I still need to hack the registry on the XP machine to make it join the Samba domain properly.

He made a pasta dish with a name I can’t ever remember for lunch. It was good. Then he did lasagna for dinner—even better. And he baked chocolate-chip cookies.

We watched Dangerous Beauty with curiousmay9 last night. I rented it because I thought Sam would like it, based on someone’s recommendation. I’m not a big movie buff. I was enraptured. I want to see it again.

We didn’t let Katie watch it with us because of the sexual content. After seeing it, we’ve decided that Katie can watch it if she likes, but we’ll need to discuss the adult issues it raises. It’s incredible. It wasn’t pornographic, although there was pretty explicit sex—it was just part of the whole story.

Lovely cuddling. Fresh-from-the-oven chocolate. Nummy food. Ambush by an excellent movie.

Katie got social time at choir and with her friends at the pool, then spent several hours running around with her new friends here at the complex.

Yep, Sunday was way good!

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