These tests do not simulate the original conditions in which these weapons were used. As living flesh and bone is an increasingly difficult medium to test on we have chosen non-period testing procedures.

From the intro to the weapon reviews at NetSword.

And the response by one of the members there, Fleadh, to a student who wanted someone on the board to do his homework for him, writing “i need all the information i can get on weaponry of the 1300’s-1600’s. p.s. its for a project hurry.”

between 1300 and 1600 there were swords and maces and spears and oh yea some people had axes and some didnt…Oh yea armour..yea some people had armor…Oh yea and catapults….Some people apparently sharpened lollipop sticks on walls and brought them to battle as well but I may be wrong about that. Oh yea…and then there was those darn aborigionees and their boomerangs who were fighting the 1300-1600’s eskimos. The eskimos were battleing the germans with their whale bone Japenese inspired ninja swords. The samurai from that period all wore girls skirts and chopped up peasents with stainless steel letteropeners which they got from the african zulu tribes. Its interesting cos the zulus still hadnt figured how to wear chinos and stuff for thousands of years and even between 1300 and 1600 hadnt changed much at all, which is a good thing because like tribal warefare there was no major changes in weapons of war in europe or the americas through this period. So to sum up everyone in the world between 1300 and 1600 had spoons which could kill in the heat of battle (except them people that didnt have spoons)

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