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Well, we were going to a filk tonight but chose not to because I couldn’t handle the amount of ‘ose I expected after the shuttle disaster. I don’t have a problem with people recognizing the event, I just couldn’t handle the additional depression.

Though I feel like I’ve had a pretty lazy day, I did accomplish some things. Sam and I sorted through a bunch of papers and made some progress on the filing. I submitted my FAFSA. I got all the way through filing my taxes on the TurboTax site, having been told that the filing would be free. My browser crashed and I had to log back in. The site said that the filing would be free—and then they wanted to charge me for the preparation because I had to restart the process. Huh? So I’m not going to use them but will instead use one of the other services. Now that I have all the information together, it shouldn’t take too very long to re-do the forms.

The “eating change” is going well. I’ve stayed within my points and been a good girl. I have, however, decided not to try doing the low-carb thing until I have a chance to read the Atkins book or something similar. For now, I’ll just stick with Weight Watchers and try to be mindful of the carbs. I can always modify it later, but this is a step in the right direction.

Hmmm, what else…the kids spent last night with goddessinga and family and went to another gymnastics meet. real_pochacco ate them out of house and home, so it’s a good thing GiG brought them home today! I can’t say enough good things about our family members in Athens.

Speaking of which—well, last Sunday night I made the choice to pull back from the quad for now. There are things going on that have to be dealt with for me personally, for sambear, in our relationship and in our family here. So we aren’t dating goddessinga and greyknight right now, although we continue to love them dearly. sambear and I were able to use the kid-free time they granted us to work on some things and get a much-needed “just us” break.

We still wish to move to Athens someday. It’s been sambear‘s dream ever since he left there, long before I met him. But that’s being pushed back a bit. Since I’m going to be attending school in Marietta come May, we’ve decided to look for housing on that side of town. Our lease here is up in May, and we have to either stay in this school area until real_pochacco finishes high school or move then. The high school here uses a truly weird credit system that is not the same as any other in Gwinnett county, and according to people I know who work in Gwinnett high school records offices, transferring in or out of that high school to another in Gwinnett county almost always results in loss of credits and delays in graduation. UGH!

I have deep roots here in Gwinnett, having lived here for the most part since 1977. My parents are here, my sister and her husband are here, I went to middle and high school here, our trusted auto mechanic is here, our doctors are here, etc. If we need anything in this county, we can probably find it through somebody who knows somebody. When Katie transferred to school here, no less than four people working inside the school system contacted the school principal to request that she be assigned to a particular teacher (and she was). We know which teachers are good and which are bad news and which schools to avoid. Since Katie is homeschooled, that isn’t as important for her—but it matters for G and real_pochacco. We wouldn’t have known about the high school credit weirdness without that network.

Cobb and Cherokee counties may not seem that far away—in fact, Katie’s father and I lived in Smyrna when we were first married, and I lived there again for a bit in the mid-90s. But I don’t know as many people there, and it isn’t “home” the way Gwinnett is. I know most of the back roads here. I know their history, and which roads USED to be back roads that are now significant thoroughfares.

I know, this seems truly silly to those who have moved around repeatedly, especially those who move off across the country or even to another country. But I’m a homebody in a big way. Moving down to Dublin with Wayne in 1990 was a much bigger deal than I’d expected.

On the plus side, the west side of town seems to be pagan central anymore! Most of the CHE playdates and co-ops are there, so we’ll be able to get to them more easily. We’ll be further away from some of our friends, but closer to others. There’s another UU congregation there (or two), and we’d be much closer to it than we are to UUCA.

shadowkatt and I went to the library this week and I have an even bigger stack of books to read now, with more requested. I took care of some stuff I’d neglected badly —like my tags and driver’s license renewal that I’d been putting off since November. Yes, I’ve been a bad girl, but I’m getting better.

Tomorrow we need to go to my parents’ house to pick up some firewood—apparently, Daddy had to take down a tree in their yard. It’ll be green, but it’s hardwood and we can let it dry. I’m hoping to get sambear to bring up the exercise rider thing so I can use it again. shadowkatt has choir practice, then we have Trybalaka practice. I’m looking forward to our practice.

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