Slow to Start Today

sam­bear had to help me take my first meds this morn­ing. I could­n’t man­age the med box or the water. I kept spilling it on myself.

He sweet­ly fed me break­fast in bed as my brain very slow­ly came online. My body was real­ly the part being dif­fi­cult, what with hands refus­ing to grip and so on.

I find the need to be tak­en care of like a baby utter­ly humil­i­at­ing. I find his ten­der care of me utter­ly incred­i­ble. He’s so lov­ing, and he does­n’t have any resent­ment about it. I nev­er thought I could be so lucky. I hope that I could do the same if the sit­u­a­tion were reversed.

I’m going to take a hot show­er to see if maybe I can dri­ve myself to school. I’m not real­ly think­ing that the dri­ving will hap­pen, real­is­ti­cal­ly. I am espe­cial­ly dread­ing sit­ting in those nasty chairs in the classroom.

Just anoth­er day with fibromyal­gia. Ain’t it fun?

Cur­rent Mood: 🙁uncom­fort­able
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