Slow to Start Today

sambear had to help me take my first meds this morning. I couldn’t manage the med box or the water. I kept spilling it on myself.

He sweetly fed me breakfast in bed as my brain very slowly came online. My body was really the part being difficult, what with hands refusing to grip and so on.

I find the need to be taken care of like a baby utterly humiliating. I find his tender care of me utterly incredible. He’s so loving, and he doesn’t have any resentment about it. I never thought I could be so lucky. I hope that I could do the same if the situation were reversed.

I’m going to take a hot shower to see if maybe I can drive myself to school. I’m not really thinking that the driving will happen, realistically. I am especially dreading sitting in those nasty chairs in the classroom.

Just another day with fibromyalgia. Ain’t it fun?

Current Mood: 🙁uncomfortable
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