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So I’ve got this fancy new LJ client, and I figure I should post something.

Shelley is back to being unable to keep anything down. I guess it’s braised chicken liver time again. Unfortunately, (this is gross, okay?) the kittens are all too interested in the results when she horks. And while FIV is supposedly only transmittable through blood and sexual activity, we aren’t absolutely sure that it can’t be passed through saliva. Of course, we always try to clean up after any such incident immediately, but now we’re also having to constantly shoo Moonstone and Mica away when it happens. And when I got up this morning, there was a big mess in the kitchen, and I don’t know if they noticed it before I got it cleaned up. Which is worrisome.

Happily, Shelley did come and cuddle with us a bit last night. Until Moonstone decided to join her in my lap. She didn’t like that, so she scooted off. But at least she is leaving the kitchen.

Zoë is used to the kittens now. She doesn’t seem to want to hurt them, but she’s constantly following them and watching them and getting between them and the food or the litterbox. We have to watch her to make sure she isn’t harassing them. She’s needed some special alpha socialization time with sambear in the past to make it clear that smaller critters (like toddlers) can still outrank her in pack hierarchy, and it seems we’re going to have to work on that more.

When the boys have tried to eat Shelley’s food while she’s at the bowl, she has of course warned them away. And this morning, for the first time, I saw Mica warning Moonstone away from the Kitten Chow when he tried joining his brother for breakfast. They ate together before peaceably. Interesting.

Mica has also learned to be every bit as insistent as Shelley is when he wants to be petted. He’s a little cuddle slut, which is great. He can’t manage to meow quite as loudly, yet—he just meeps. But he’s working on it.

Katie is currently scanning, cropping, and otherwise manipulating graphics to create a custom background for the kittens’ website. Yes, it’s all homeschooling.

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