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Interview: Chronic Pain and Sex

The inter­view we did is up!
Chronic Pain and Sex: a Couple’s Gen­tle Bat­tle With Fibromyalgia

I’m pleased with it. There are very few, mostly imma­te­r­ial inaccuracies.


Whoops! Yesterday was FMS/​CFW Awareness Day!


Tarot for Knitters!


  1. amorsalado

    What a great arti­cle, Cyn!

  2. Waya

    That is so very cool! We’re going to be try­ing to go the Ren Faire down there on Sat­ur­day, by the way. Not sure how much time around that we’re going to have, though. Do you guys still have my cell num­ber? I lost the phone that had your con­tact num­bers on it and couldn’t retrieve the numbers.

  3. No, we don’t have your # babe, send me an email at first name at first­name­last­name dot com

  4. It’s not a bad inter­view at all :)

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