The Songs

I real­ly appre­ci­ate the sug­ges­tions :-) I end­ed up with most­ly patri­ot­ic songs, as every­body had at least heard most of those before. I threw in some clas­sic Girl Scout songs but the girls hat­ed those—except the gross camp songs. And leader #1 had appar­ent­ly decreed last week (when I was out due to a […]

Mother’s Day

_starrgirl_, rasilio, rlovek­ing, volt­bang and their lit­tluns came over for din­ner. I am now ful­ly con­vinced that I am far too old to have anoth­er baby. I had sus­pect­ed as much, but gosh—toddlers and infants take even more ener­gy than I had remem­bered. I’m worn out from just a few hours, and that was with […]

Accepting the Geek In All of Us

We’ve spent a ridicu­lous amount of time late­ly geek­ing. Putting togeth­er parts from var­i­ous old PCs that came into our lives until we final­ly have a PC for each of the five mem­bers of our house­hold work­ing and talk­ing to the net­work. (And we owe huge thanks to rasilio for his help get­ting the network […]

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