One Term Down!

Cartoon owl wearing a blue mortarboard and a blue and yellow striped scarfI can’t recall whether or not I mentioned that I returned to college on 1 June of this year, but I did. I’m attending Western Governors University, majoring in Information Technology/Software Development. It’s a completely online curriculum; each term is six months long. All the courses are pass/fail; for most, there’s just one grade per course–either an exam (“Objective Assessment” or OA) or a project.

My first term courses were Introduction to IT, Scripting and Programming Foundations, Critical Thinking and Logic, and Web Development Foundations.

I finished my first term on 30 November. I passed all the classes I was enrolled in with a few weeks to spare. My advisor said, “Oh, great, you have time to knock out another course!” and enrolled me in Ethics in Technology. I finished that last class in three weeks and passed my last OA.

One of the neatest things about this school is that tuition is a flat rate each term and includes all books and other fees. If you manage to take more courses than initially planned in a term, you don’t have to pay extra tuition!

The current term started on 1 December, so I’m learning about web applications now. After that, I’ll move on to Network and Security Foundations, then Data Structures and Algorithms I. I’m hoping to fit at least one more course in this term, too.

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