Book Review: Saltation by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Saltation (Theo Waitley, #2) (Liaden Universe, #13)Saltation (Theo Waitley, #2) by Sharon Lee
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Saltation (Theo Waitley, #2) is good enough that I finished Fledgling (Theo Waitley, #1), then read it in one sitting. It simply has the sort of momentum that doesn’t allow for good stopping points — something that is true of many of the Liaden Universe novels.

At the end of Fledgling, Theo was sponsored into pilot school by Scout Cho sig’Radia. Saltation begins with her time there, just as politically naïve as ever, but a much more confident person than she was at the beginning of Fledgling. Many of the characters from Fledgling reappear, including Win Ton, Kamele, and Jen Sar. There are new characters too, though, such as Kara ven’Arith and Orn Ald yos’Senchul (who, by the way, also appear in a free story, Landed Alien, that has just been released at the Baen web site and should be read after Saltation).

Theo is a legal adult now, but a very young one, and she has plenty of growing up left to do. That said, this is a young ADULT novel, not a children’s book — while it isn’t discussed explicitly, Theo does take a lover.

She continues to flex and stretch into an admirable heroine. She isn’t perfect, by any means, being sometimes short-tempered and not understanding social cues easily. She’s someone readers can relate to, though, and that is important. We were brought up concurrent with the end of I Dare, which was vastly satisfying. I will go right on with reading Ghost Ship because I definitely want to know more!

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