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Recent Finishes

I’ve been stitch­ing away late­ly, and while I can’t talk about my most recent project yet, I did add my most recent two fin­ish­es to my long-neglect­ed Fin­ished Works page today. The first piece is a for-no-rea­son one, the sec­ond a baby gift which was also my first coop­er­a­tive project (and a big suc­cess).

I’m cur­rent­ly work­ing on a Mother’s Day gift (why yes, I’m late get­ting it fin­ished), the hymn “ ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.”

What are you work­ing on?

2 comments to Recent Finishes

  • Oh, pret­ty! Depend­ing on my ener­gy and moti­va­tion lev­el this week­end, I might put togeth­er a stitch­ing project. I do need some more dec­o­ra­tions for the walls in my office 🙂

    A logis­ti­cal note — looks like the HTTP:// is in the link to your Fin­ished Works page twice.

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